GTC-540 - 氣體偵測器 - 瓦斯偵測器(GAS) - 名發科技

氣體偵測器 GTC-540








 氣體偵測器 GTC-540





▷ simple structure, stylish, affordable
▷ flammable, oxygen and toxic gas detectors can be connected to all
▷ Easy installation with wall-mounted
▷ be found at concentrations ranged applied to large digital display and warning light
▷ 3-digit & Bar-graph (32 개 LED) displays gas concentration
▷ Bar-graph display with alarm stage 3 colors (green, yellow, red)
▷ 3 단 density LED display and alarm relay output
▷ RS-485 (Isolated) easy to build a monitoring system with Modbus Serial Communication
▷ alarm levels, alarm settings, and any delay
▷ Peak hold
▷ self-diagnostic test
▷ dustproof, IP65 waterproof structure with